Have a little chat that’s Cool for Cats

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April 6, 2014 by thatblogthatrocked

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good set of lyrics, a good beat, some dancing and a nice fast tempo chat into the microphone. That’s cool for cats in my book. It just goes to show you don’t have to be vocally impeccable to make good music.

You might even ponder whether these were the early days of rap. With songs like Cool for Cats by Squeeze not heard anywhere near regularly enough nowadays to do them justice; the style is so prevalent. These are the types of lyrics that we can all imagine singing as we’re standing at the bar and actually – we’d probably all sound quite good singing them, especially the cockneys amongst us.
Of course though, I’m taking nothing away from Chris Difford, who lead the song for Squeeze back in 1979. Actually part of what makes the song so good is the fact Chris makes it look much easier than it probably is. For me though, this music is genius, it sounds fantastic and without sounding too technically sophisticated.
Further, how prevalent is this music today? Arguably, nowadays with most tracks, it is the instrumental beat that makes the music what it is. Just how many remixes are there of your current favourite track? Shit loads is the answer. For example, perhaps a modern day example, is Example, for example, or simply Elliot as I like to call him. Not a bad singer, but arguably not the greatest either, yet many of us love his music. I think that’s because lyrically his music is fantastic.
How many of us have sung along with The Streets as well, as Mark waffled on about about that fit girl that knows it…?

There is a fine line between rapping and singing and I think as music has evolved the line has become increasingly blurred. I think it was songs like Cool for Cats that began this blurring process. I love a bit of fast poetry. That’s cool for ca-a-a-ats.


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