News – 4th April 2014: – MH370, Tony Abbott declares “Thunderbirds are go!” – We get Brains’ opinion on the search and Big Brother.

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April 4, 2014 by thatblogthatrocked

So almost 30 days after flight MH370 vanished faster than a stain smothered in Cillit Bang, the clever clog nations who have been searching for the missing plane, have in a rather unexpected turn, now decided to search somewhere where the plane might actually be. Yes you won’t believe it, they’re actually searching underwater!

As Tony Abbott (Prime Minister of Australia) declared “Thunderbirds are go” Australia launched a device called a ‘pinger’ – please excuse me for using such a technical term. The device will be towed under-water and it is hoped that the device will pick up signals from the aircraft’s black boxes. Yeah I’m a big fan of the lottery too, especially the Euro Millions.


Brains, from the Tracy Island branch of International Rescue (pictured above looking rather dapper) stated: “what I don’t understand is why they have decided to launch the pinger only a few days before the signals from the black box devices stop emitting. The black boxes usually stop emitting signals around 30 days after a crash and according to my calculations we are now getting close to that time”.

When Brains was asked what he would have advised International Rescue to do, had they been given the responsibility to search for the aircraft, he suggested, “Well, we would have had pingers out searching from day one. As soon as we knew a rough location for the aircraft we would have launched ships carrying pingers to zig-zag up and down the water. Now this device is only going to be of use for about 4 or 5 days. It doesn’t take a mathematics graduate to work out that the probability of finding the aircraft would have been much higher if they had started using pingers sooner”.

When Brains was asked if he wanted to take part in the next series of Big Brother he replied “No, that programme is for puppets and the cast of Team America”.


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