News – 3rd April 2014: Dave’s been chatting about jobs, no bingo though :(

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April 3, 2014 by thatblogthatrocked

David Cameron has been chatting about things and he says there will be jobs.

Firstly, Dave wanted to make it public that because of the Saharan militant smog, he didn’t go for his morning run this morning. Instead he got on with some work, well done Dave, well done. Don’t want to irritate those sensitive little Tory lungs of yours do we…

According to Dave a lot more jobs will be made available in the near future as several companies look to expand their workforces, most notably, Vodafone.

Vodafone are planning to open up 150 more stores around the UK which they reckon will create 1400 more jobs! Wooooohhhhooooooo, I’m sure working in a Vodafone store talking bollocks about the latest devices and price plans would be a dream come true for many people!

Dave’s views on Europe: He doesn’t agree with Nick and he doesn’t agree with that Nigel geezer from UKIP either. Dave then said his views on Europe but I couldn’t understand them. I think he wants us in, and then he wants us out, and then he wants us to shake it all about. That’s what it’s all about. Ironically and allegedly, that’s what Theresa May said to him at the Tory Christmas party.

Dave said “where we can act to help hard-working families  we will” – well you are the Prime Minister Dave, it’s good to know you’ve acknowledged that that’s part of the job description.

Anyway enough of politics. Here’s a good track:



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